PreHealth application Institutional Review (PIR)

If you are an A&S, Engineering, Olin or Sam Fox student, you will use the PreHealth application Institutional Review (PIR) system to store and send your letters of recommendation to the schools to which you apply.  All students applying to professional programs in health fields, through the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington University, are required to complete and submit the (PIR) questions, Personal Statement and List of Activities. The details you provide in the PIR system will play a crucial role in preparing you for your PIR interview with a pre-health adviser; additionally, asking and answering these questions now will serve as preparation both for filling out secondary applications and for interviewing. It also helps us to write a cover letter on your behalf that you will submit along with your letters of recommendation in a letter packet to health professional schools. If you opt out of our process we will not be able to offer our institutional support in the form of our cover letter.

Please take the time to complete your PIR materials thoughtfully and carefully. You must compose the essay portion of your PIR offline and over time before submitting it to us. We have found that students who submit these documents without full reflection compromise their chances of a successful application process. 

Completing  your PreHealth application Institutional Review (PIR) questions and Personal Statement the summer before you plan to apply gives you the greatest chance of success in applying to medical school.  To access the PIR questions click here. For more information about your Personal Statement click here. For information about securing strong recommendation letters click here.

APPLYING FOR ENTRY IN 2019?:  You should have already been assigned an advisor (Spring of Sophomore year). Without an advisor you will not have a PIR appointment ,which means we will not be prepared to write a cover letter on your behalf.  If you are applying for 2019 and do not have an advisor, it is your responsibility to let us know you need an advisor assigned. The PIR appointment deadline is April 1st.

STEP 1: Create your PIR account. (First time users only)

STEP 2: Download and begin working on the PIR Questions

STEP 3: Submit your PIR Answers, Personal Statement, Resume and List of Activities

STEP 4: Once you have been assigned a PreHealth Advisor you will receive instructions on how to set up a PIR appointment, be sure your materials are successfully uploaded 2 weeks before you Schedule your PIR Appointment! The deadline for PIR appointment is APRIL 1st.
Instructions for the PIR system and Letters of Recommendation for A&S, EN, Olin, or Sam Fox students.
Instructions for the PIR system and Letters of Recommendation for Post- Baccalaureate students.
If you have questions about any of these steps contact Liz Heidger (


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