Upcoming Events

Junior Jumpstart

Junior Jumpstart is a one-day conference, open to ALL Washington University students, that is held annually in May. The PreHealth track of Junior Jumpstart is designed to help students navigate their next steps toward successful application.

Do NOT go into the application or reapplication process without every resource that can help you be successful.  Junior Jumpstart is an efficient way to access many resources in "one-stop shopping."  If you came last year, we welcome you again.

Find out more about this event and register here.

A Bridge to Clinical Reasoning

Have you ever wondered how physicians approach patients with different symptoms or disease presentations?  What are the questions a doctor would pose to the patient when taking a history?  Why is a physical exam an important early step in a patient workup?  How do you know which clinical test to use when attempting to pinpoint a diagnosis?  What therapeutic options are available to the physician?  Believe it or not, these questions (and more) follow a logical framework that outlines a physician’s interaction with a patient.  This framework is known as clinical reasoning and serves as the bedrock for the practice of medicine.
Join us synchronously the week of May 31 – June 4 (2:30 - 4 pm, CDT) as we explore the foundations of clinical reasoning and its application in the context of two diseases (cancer and diabetes).  The workshop culminates with small-group breakout sessions led by medical doctors as you work together to dissect clinical cases, putting into practice clinical reasoning skills; the last day is reserved for patients, as we will hear from their perspective and approach to disease management and how they engaged with their physician during diagnosis and treatment.

For those interested and able to commit to the full-length of the program, please use the following link to register: https://wustl.instructure.com/enroll/X3LF4D