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WashU Coursework is not designed specifically for materials covered in preprofessional entrance exams. As such, there might be topics/content included in examinations not covered in your science classes. For more information on exam content, please consult the organization that designs and administers their specific test.

Exam Topics: MCAT, DAT, GRE, PCAT .

Prepare & Practice

To ensure that students are best prepared for entrance exams, many will elect to supplement their Wash U coursework with additional summer or evening science classes, take exam-specific review courses, purchase preparatory materials (ex: question banks, practice tests), and/or enroll in a post-baccalaureate program. Feel free to consult with a prehealth advisor for undertaking additional preparations and practice.

Preparatory Materials:  MCATDATGREPCAT

WashU can Help:

Get More MCAT Help at Cornerstone

Washington University offers MCAT preparation through Cornerstone. The fee is less than half the cost of comparable third party offerings and can be charged to your student account. Instruction is provided by MD/PhD candidates from the Washington University School of Medicine.

Cornerstone MCAT Prep Course

Enhance your Academic Background in WashU's Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program

The program offers a curriculum with a multitude of premedical courses, in addition to opportunities in research and clinical/non-clinical volunteer positions. The program aims to help you fulfill medical school admissions requirements as well as enhance your application.

Learn More at University College

MCAT Roadmap

  •  Take a prep course or review on your own
  • Scores are Valid for 3 years
  • Don't apply without knowing your results
  • Can be taken more than once, but once is ideal

What can you expect on the MCAT? AAMC prepared this handy guide to MCAT content in Biochemistry Textbooks.


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More Information about Pre-Professional Testing

  • DAT


  • GRE

    Occupational/Physical Therapy/ Public Health & Veterinary School

  • MCAT

    Medical/M.D./Ph.D. & Osteopathy

  • PCAT