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Parent Guide

A helpful guide for loved ones of students considering medical school

Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students

Informational Interviewing

Learn how to gain knowledge about healthcare and your field of interest

Should I Apply This Cycle?


Important Presentations from the PreHealth Team

Cost of Applying to Medical School

The National Association of Advisors for Health Professions has developed a list of estimated application costs

Letters of Recommendation

Requirements, Logistics, and Support

Clinical Experiences

Study Abroad

Overview, FAQs, & Popular Program Options

Guidelines for Students Providing Patient Care

read the guidelines for premedical and medical students providing patient care during clinical experiences abroad

Science GPA Calculator

learn how to calculate your science gpa

Interview Preparation

browse resources for helping you prepare for your interviews

WashU Matriculation Data & Acceptance Rates

review recent matriculation and medical school acceptance rates for our graduates

Test Preparation

Get ready for the MCAT, DAT, GRE, or PCAT

Choosing Your Major

learn more about choosing your major

Virtual Advisor

Answers to the most commonly asked pre-med questions

Health Field Options

Explore the many health-related career paths available to you

Finding Your Path FAQ

PreHealth Paths, Timeline for Coursework, Course Credit & Requirements

The Writing Center

Regularly hosts Prehealth Personal Statement Workshops

The Bulletin

consult WashU's catalog of programs and degree requirements

Academic Calendar

find dates for deadlines, holidays, and more

Center for Diversity & Inclusion

discover programs, resources, and events related to diversity

Undergrad Research

create knowledge in any discipline with the office of undergrad research

The Learning Center

receive support through academic mentoring and skills coaching

Library Services

find the sources, people, spaces, and technology to accelerate your studies

WashU Center for Career Engagement

Interview Prep Resources

Academic Integrity

review WashU academic-integrity policies and procedures

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